Tasting Supplies

All you really need to do a tasting is a spirit, your tongue, and a pen and paper.

Still, if you’re in the mood for luxury, convenience, and style, the items listed below can help a lot!

The Spirits Tasting Journal


This book is a full-color tasting template journal for any type of spirits. It’s a tool with which to keep track of your tastings, with information on spirits, distillation, history, tasting methods, and even the science of spirituous liquors. It comes with about a hundred sheets for tastings and another ten for distillery tours, all in a stylish book that’s easy to carry along to your local whiskey club.



Nosing Glasses


Brandy Snifter (mini)

Too many snifters are oversized. This is just right, by my book. It’s sturdy, it’s shaped well, and it measures very close to 1.5 oz. when laid on its side.


The Glencairn glass solves the brandy snifter’s biggest problem: curvature. You don’t have to tip this all the way above your head to get any out. It just feels classier for whiskies, to me.



Waterman Kultur Phileas Fountain Pen

I owned the predecessor to this pen (though admittedly not this pen itself) for nearly a decade before I finally lost it. It wrote smoothly, and it was fun to use, though it does take a moment for the ink to dry. I also liked using the (once included, now additional) converter cartridge to fill the pen using an  ink bottle.

Pilot G-Tec-C4 0.4 mm

This is just a wonderful pen. The tip is so fine, it just doesn’t matter how small you write. It’s smooth, too. I got three of these for Christmas, and my heart is breaking that two have gone missing.