Some Drink Recipe Cards




This week, circumstances are not kind to the writing of a decent blog post. I didn’t want to leave everyone empty-handed, so here’s what I’m giving you: If you have the highball app, you can visit this page on your phone and import the pictures by long-pressing the card and tapping “save image.” You can then hop into Highball, tap the “+” at the bottom and import the photos as editable recipe cards.

I also recognize the podcast has been on a haitus. In a couple of days, I plan to release a video update on the state of the site. We’re not going anywhere, but there may be a short hiatus (except on Youtube, where enough content is already prepared for a couple of months ahead.

2015-04-24 15.01.14

2015-04-29 11.51.30


2015-05-05 09.01.21

2015-05-11 21.59.31

2015-05-13 21.35.22

2015-06-02 09.27.24

2015-05-28 20.31.50

2015-06-17 11.07.27

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