How to make a Gin and Tonic



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It’s a simple drink, and it’s a great way to start understanding that bitter is just another flavor. Tonic can be an acquired taste, which is why it’s a shame that so many G&Ts are so tipped in favor of tonic. It can turn people off to the flavor before they can learn to appreciate it! A well-balanced Gin and Tonic doesn’t contain much more tonic than it does gin. That way, the juniper and botanicals come through well enough to balance the quinine bitterness of the tonic.

Eventually, like me, you’ll be sipping tonic straight. Bitter might become one of your favorite flavors!

But especially if you’re tending bar for fresh new palates, make your G&Ts strong so that the gin flavors work with the quinine instead of getting drowned in it!


Help eradicate malaria; we’ve invented tonic, so we don’t need that awful disease anymore!


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