Welcome to Savored Spirits, the liquor and cocktail resource for the clueless and the connoisseur!

About the Site

What you can expect from SavoredSpirits.com:

podcast with news from the world of spirits and bars, reviews of spirits and barware, and interviews with bartenders, distillers, connoisseurs, and other influential people from the beverage industry;

A YouTube show with cocktail recipes, tastings, reviews, editorials, and instructions;

Resources to learn more and to find essential books and equipment;

A Spirits Tasting Journal, with more books, both physical and digital, to follow.

Here, our motto is “Savored, not Slurped,” and our philosophy is pleasure in moderation. Liquor is great fun, but it demands respect. There are  a million flavors and aromas to be found, and a million times more fascinating recipes and combinations!  But you must understand the importance of avoiding abuse: liquor can and will kill you if you give it the chance. That’s why we don’t joke about blackouts and hangovers in our articles: this is a site for the responsible indulger.

Drink responsibly: it is not optional. Don’t drink underage, and most importantly, never drink and drive.

Now that we have that over with, I will continue on the assumption that you are a light to moderate imbiber of spirits of legal age. There’s lots of fun to be had! Sign up for the newsletter for regular updates and receive a free downloadable tasting template.


Cheers and Sláinte!