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Disclosure: this sample was provided for review, not purchased. Although nobody can be completely free of subconscious bias, I have done my best not to let Founder’s 49’s generosity influence my review. Let’s look at the legal definition of vodka: “‘Vodka’ is neutral spirits, so distilled or so treated after distillation […]

Review: Pau Maui Pineapple Vodka

Uncle Bob's Review
Disclosure: this sample was provided for review, not purchased. Although nobody can be completely free of subconscious bias, I have done my best not to let Founder’s 49’s generosity influence my review. When I looked at Uncle Bob’s Root Beer flavored whiskey, it did not inspire hope that it would belong […]

Review: Uncle Bob’s Root Beer Flavored Whiskey

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      This week, circumstances are not kind to the writing of a decent blog post. I didn’t want to leave everyone empty-handed, so here’s what I’m giving you: If you have the highball app, you can visit this page on your phone and import the pictures by long-pressing […]

Some Drink Recipe Cards

  I have a drink recipe in my memory for any occasion, but getting it out of the deepest recesses of my gray matter can take some scratching around. It’s a painful process, too, because you’re dealing with people’s expectations. What if you choose something nobody likes? What if they think […]

How to Suggest the Perfect Drink

  Today we’re on the road! Distiller’s beer isn’t good enough for their whiskey: In Rhode Island, this microdistillery established in 2011 focuses on making great spirits out of great beer. I know this is a longer video… I couldn’t cut another word! Enjoy! Links: Sons of Liberty Tasting Journal […]

Behind the Scenes with Sons of Liberty Distilling- Savored, not ...

Alcohol is weird and it affects us weirdly. So it’s only natural that some ideas would pop up among those of us less nerdy about it that are… questionable, to say the least. Misconceptions usually spring from misunderstandings and conclusions to which someone once jumped. Here are just five of […]

5 Misconceptions about Spirits

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Here are the bullet points: The popular myth The story Camillo Negroni walks into a bar in Florence, Italy, and orders an Americano, but with an extra kick. The Bartender achieved this by replacing the club soda with gin. Count Negroni became known for this order, and the drink became known as […]

Where Did the Negroni Come From?

This week, we have guest bartender Karen Foley, founder and editor of Imbibe Magazine in the Lucky Bug by phone! We’re talking about Negroni Week and negronis in general. Sorry for the delay in the episode! Next week’s episode should be on time. Links: Negroniweek.com The history of the negroni, from Difford’s Guide […]

Imbibe founder Karen Foley on Negroni Week – June 3, ...

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One day, I brought home my first añejo tequila (it was on sale, bringing it into my price range for the first time). I expected it to be more complex than a blanco or reposado, but I didn’t expect what hit me when I foolishly attempted to make a margarita […]

What Can Your Tongue Teach You?

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To separate fact from hearsay, I went to the source: Legal regulations. The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 27, Chapter 1, Subchapter A, Part 5 and Tennessee Public Chapter No. 341, house bill 1084 This is what I learned: Bourbon Must be made in the United States Bottled 80 proof […]

Your Bourbon Label is Telling You a Story

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When I first became interested in cocktails, it was a bit overwhelming to look through recipes, not recognizing most of the ingredients. Where should I start? What bottles should I buy first? What barware do I really need? The best place to start is with your objectives: Why are you […]

How to Stock your Home Bar

  Recipe It’s a simple drink, and it’s a great way to start understanding that bitter is just another flavor. Tonic can be an acquired taste, which is why it’s a shame that so many G&Ts are so tipped in favor of tonic. It can turn people off to the […]

How to make a Gin and Tonic

  This video is inventor Mark Phillips’ defense of palcohol. He expertly tears apart the media’s fear-based objections, but while doing so, he inadvertently tears apart his own arguments for the usefulness of the product. He demonstrates clearly that it’s not lighter, more compact, or in any way more convenient […]

On Palcohol

  Recipe Links: “The Very Dream of Drinks” recited by Chris McMillan while preparing a Mint Julep (performance begins at 4:21) All about the Mint Julep

How to Make a Mint Julep

The Recipe: The basic recipe is this: In a metal cup, muddle mint leaves with sugar and water. Add crushed ice and bourbon, then garnish with mint sprigs and serve with a straw. That’s the template, but no two bartenders make theirs exactly alike (though I admit to not having […]

The Mighty Julep

This week, we have guest bartender Jeremy AKA Distinguished Spirits in the Lucky Bug via skype! We have some great topics this week, including: James Bond cocktails The bourbon heist of the century! The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is cancelled this year 🙁 All about the Mint Julep  

The Mint Julep, Manhattan Cocktail Classic Cancelled! Why are you ...

Everyday life is congested with rules. Some of us go to the bar to escape having to deal with all the damn rules all the time. But then, of course, the bar has rules all its own. Some of the rules really need a little toning down, so I’m making […]

10 Rules for Spirits Enthusiasts